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New Employment Perk: Unlimited Paid Vacation

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Only 1% of employers in the US offer this perk, but the number is growing. In some firms, employees can take as much paid time off as they feel they need:

By showing that they trust their workers, these employers say, they are cultivating a culture of even deeper trust. Though the practice is still experimental, these companies say they’ve seen little abuse of the system so far. [...]

Dov Seidman, chief executive officer of advisory-services firm LRN, acknowledges that since the company implemented unlimited vacation three years ago, some workers have “made the wrong decision” and missed meetings to take time off. Still, such mistakes are rare, he says, and “no one’s ever gone for four weeks.”

Mr. Seidman says his roughly 300 employees have become more thoughtful and considerate about taking time off as a result of the policy. Many of them now feel compelled to check in with their peers before scheduling vacations, he says.

This is a brilliant idea–one that will surely be adopted by farsighted, ingenious corporate visionaries. Of course, I’m thinking of Neatorama CEO Alex Santoso, a business giant of our age who has the entrepreneurial intuition to seize this opportunity immediately.

Link -via Dave Barry | Photo: Kamoteus

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November 20th, 2012

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