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Neon CRAP Sign in Idaho Neighborhood

A new glowing neon sign appeared in Nampa, Idaho around Christmas. It wasn’t a holiday decoration. Large red letters spell out the word CRAP.

Ryan Gravette remembers the day the sign came to town.

“We actually had some friends over,” Gravette said. “They went out and said: ‘Do you realize that there’s a sign that says crap out there?’”

Gravette said: No. No, I didn’t. But, yes, there is a “CRAP” sign lighting up our sky.

That sign belongs to Andy Joseph.

“My crap sign on the roof,” Joseph said. “It stands for: ‘Can’t Resist Andy’s Place.’”

No, he’s not using the neon to attract the ladies. Andy’s Place is a second-hand appliance store. For Joseph, “CRAP” is a business decision.

The slogan came about when Joseph got a deal on an old sign from a defunct floor covering store. The sign spelled CARPET, which gave Joseph some letters he could use for a different business. Link (with video) -Thanks, Funny Laughs!

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January 31st, 2011

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