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Nebraska Map Shows Nebraska-Shaped Field


Adam Kommel was perusing Google Maps, looking for open swaths of green one day when he accidentally stumbled across this field near Minden, Nebraska. It looks just like Nebraska, and a casual search finds little more information than what Strange Maps has:

The only other pattern thriving in this checkered landscape is the circle, touching the edges of many squares (as seen on the left of this picture): a sign of the popular method of centre-pivot irrigation. As pretty as that might look from the sky, all these squares and circles are practical first and foremost. This is not a topology of frivolity. Why lose a bit of perfectly arable land only to sculpt something as pointless as a map?

The mysterious Nebraska Field does not seem to have achieved even local fame. The town of Minden only boasts a Pioneer Museum, and each December hyper-decorates itself to defend its reputation as Christmas City.

Link | Here’s the Google Map.

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December 20th, 2009

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