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Neat Freaks at Holiday Time

the night before Christmas, when all through the house / Not a creature
was stirring, not even a mouse; / The stockings were hung by the chimney
with care
… with extreme care, actually, as they’re aligned within
0.1 milimeter accuracy.

Behold, cleaning at holiday time! Jesse McKinley wrote this intriguing
article at the New York Times that every extreme cleaners (or neat freaks,
depending on your point of view) and their loved ones should read:

Sabrina Cusin, who runs a high-end cleaning service called (no
kidding) New York’s Little Elves, is currently dealing with the
annual flood of holiday deep-cleaning jobs. And with the neurotic customer
demands that inevitably come with it.

“We have people who say, ‘I only want you to bring
new mops, sponges, brooms and unopened fluids,’ ” she said.
“What can I say? Some people never wear underpants twice. One
woman insisted on new vacuums. I drew the line. So she went out and
bought two Mieles.”

That doesn’t sound so unreasonable to Nancy Bock. Ms. Bock,
a spokeswoman for the American Cleaning Institute, said there was nothing
outrageous about insisting on virgin machines and supplies. Not if it
offers “the certainty that the product is the one that was originally
poured into that bottle and that nobody else’s sponge has touched
the lip.”

After all, she added, “What’s extreme?”

(Photo: Eric Striffler/NY Times)

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December 9th, 2011

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