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Motorized Ice Fishing Shack

I drove my Chevy to the levee because the levee was frozen over. The Bangor Daily News held a contest which invited people to build wacky and unusual ice fishing shacks. Pictured above is the winning entry by Al Conary, which is built out of a Chevrolet Cavalier:

“I did a lot of head-scratching,” Conary admitted. “I ran all the controls — the steering, the brakes, the shifter, the gas, the throttle — inside the shack. Of course, it had to have all the electronics, the instrument cluster and all that, because it controls the computer. So I had to mount all that in there. It was time-consuming to figure all that out.”

Link via Jalopnik | Photo: Al Conary and Robin Foskett

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March 5th, 2011

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