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More Space Balls!

Yet another myterious space ball fell down from space, this time in Brazil:

Residents of the village of Riacho dos Pocos were the first to
have seen the space ball. Jose Valdir Mendes said that he had heard
the strong roaring sound on Wednesday morning, at about 06:00 local
time. Several moments later, an explosion occurred near his home. The
man got frightened and ordered his wife not to go out. However, the
man was very curious to see what was happening outside, so he went out.
He found the strange object in his garden, MR

It appears that the ball is made of metal alloy. The object has
a small opening in it. Inside, the ball is hollow, but there is something
hidden inside the ball. The locals tried to lift the ball and shake
it, and they could feel that there was something moving inside the object.

Yes, it looks just like a spacecraft
propellant tank
, but it’s way more fun to call it "mysterious
space ball": Link

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February 25th, 2012

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