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Moooo!! Lulu The Cow Got a Free Cable Car Ride

Poor Lulu. When the cow miscowculated the steepness of the pathway near the German castle of Neuschwanstein in Bavaria, she was stuck down in the valley with moo way back up to the farm. What to do?

Help came in the form of the local mountain rescue who hitched the hapless heifers one by one to the local cable-car used by hikers for a free ride home.

For the mountain rescuers, it was all in day’s work.

‘It happens quite a lot,’ said one, ‘but usually we end up airlifting the cows back home via helicopter.

‘It just so happened this trio ended up stuck near the cable car station so we were able to use the cable car. They were quite cool about it.’

After some fresh grass and a good milking, the cows were settled in their stall for the evening with the high-life behind them for good.

Allan Hall of the Daily Mail got the story and the super-sized pic: Link

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September 27th, 2009

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