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Monty Python’s Crimson Permanent Assurance in LEGO

Photo: gotoAndLego [Flickr]

In Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life, Monty Python brought the words “corporate raiders” to its logical conclusion by turning staid office workers into fearsome pirates that perform really hostile takeovers of other companies.

That short film is titled The Crimson Permanent Assurance, which is the name of the building (and pirate ship) housing the company of the same name.

Well, Flickr user gotoAndLego has created The Crimson Permanent Assurance in LEGO form. The work is fantastically detailed – and one can’t help but chant:

It’s fun to charter an accountant
And sail the wide accountancy,
To find, explore the funds offshore
And skirt the shoals of bankruptcy!

It can be manly in insurance.
We’ll up your premium semi-annually.
It’s all tax deductible.
We’re fairly incorruptible,
We’re sailing on the wide accountancy!

Yaaarrr! Link [Flickr Set] – via Laughing Squid

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November 15th, 2010

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