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Modern Day Pirates Have Their Own Letterheads

sure has come a long way from the days of Blackbeard. For one, modern
day pirates have letterheads (or is it lettarrrrheads?).

Ben Berkowitz of Reuters came upon a correspondence from a pirate group
which congratulates the owner of a seized tanker for being hijacked:

The cover sheet, in memo format, is addressed "To Whom It May
Concern" with the subject line "Congratulations to the Company/Owner."

"Having seen when my Pirate Action Group (P.A.G) had controlled
over your valuable vessel we are saying to you Company/Owner welcome
to Jamal’s Pirate Action Group (J.P.A.G) and you have to follow by our
law to return back your vessel and crew safely," the memo begins.

The tone of the memo belies the violent reality of the pirate’s actions.
As of early August armed Somali pirates hold more than 170 hostages,
according to the IMB, and were responsible for 35 deaths in 2011 alone.

"Do not imagine that we are making to you intimidation,"
the memo says, before signing off with "Best regards" and
the signature of Jamal Faahiye Culusow, the General Commander of the

Lest there be any doubt about who Jamal is or what he does, his signature
is accompanied by his seal — yes, Jamal has a stamped s e al — depicting
a skull and crossed swords with the name of the group.

Sadly, no image of the pirate letterhead: Link

Image: Pirate
Pencil Sharpener
from the NeatoShop’s Pirate

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August 13th, 2012

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