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Missing Unicorn

New York City artist Camomile Hixon added some interest to the many missing pet posters she saw by hanging one requesting help with a missing unicorn. Actually, friends helped her post 2,000 of the missing unicorn posters.

“I was travelling back and forth in the subways, and I just noticed the dejection. I’m a pop artist, and I thought –- if I could just make one person smile. I was thinking about ways to do that,” she said.

“A unicorn is beyond race, beyond religion. I wanted something that could reach anyone at any age. I thought, if I could just make a handful of businessmen on Wall Street think about unicorns, I will be successful.”

Hixon received 350 phone calls in the first day. She went on to install a hotline and a website for people to report their unicorn sightings. Link to story. Link to website. -via Fortean Times

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November 22nd, 2010

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