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Mike and Ike Split Up

it ain’t so! Mike and Ike
(of the chewy fruit-flavored candy) are splitting up and fans are devastated.

WHEN beloved pairings split, fans may grow distraught, at the prospect
of Simon without Garfunkel, Lennon without McCartney, or Martin without

Now Mike and Ike, the brand of chewy fruit-flavored candies, is
announcing its pair is separating, and hoping the development captures
the interest of younger consumers.

Packaging that began appearing in stores recently has logos with
either “Ike” or “Mike” scribbled out, as if
by a felt-tip marker.

On the back of packages with Mike’s name crossed out, a handwritten
message from Ike faults Mike for “spending way too much time on
his music.” Packages with Ike’s name crossed out have a
message from Mike faulting Ike for “spending way too much time
on his graffiti art.”

Chew over this report by Andrew Adam Newman over at The New York Times: Link

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April 14th, 2012

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