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Men Compete to be World’s Best Bee Wearer

Two Chinese beekeepers competed against each other yesterday in an attempt to break the world record of bee wearing (who knew?). Wearing only shorts, goggles and nose plugs, each of the men wore Queen Bees on their bodies to see who could attract the most bees in an hour. In case you’re wondering, the answer is no – each individual bee isn’t counted by someone. The number of bees is estimated by weight. Beekeeper Lc Kongjiang attracted 22.9 kilograms of bees (a little over 50 pounds) and his competition, Wang Dalin, wore about 57 pounds of bees. Unfortunately, their efforts went unrewarded: the record, held by American Mark Biancaniello, is a little more than 87 pounds.

Link via Flavorwire
Photo by ImagineChina

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July 19th, 2011

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