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Meanwhile at Walmart …

There are two sure things about Walmart: there are great shopping deals and strange people (I’m looking at you, People of Walmart) every single day.

Heck, with some 3,750 stores across the United States visited by customers 140 million times a week, you’re bound to see strange sights. Yet it seems like there’s something special about Walmart shoppers … Miguel Bustillo wrote his observation for The Wall Street Journal:

Almost any imaginable aspect of American life can and does take place inside Wal-Mart stores, from births to marriages to deaths. Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin once officiated a wedding at the Wal-Mart in her hometown of Wasilla.

So, it seems, can any conceivable mishap. A Maryland man wound up in an emergency room with a toilet seat stuck to him after pranksters in March doused a Wal-Mart restroom with glue. Last year, an Ohio shoplifter who jumped in a garbage bin outside Wal-Mart later called 911; he was being compacted, and needed rescue.

A shopper at a Wal-Mart in Falmouth, Mass., uncovered a dental mystery two years ago when she found 10 human teeth inside a wallet for sale that was imported from Asia.

“I wanted to investigate it further but my supervisor said it wasn’t worth the trip to Taiwan,” says Falmouth police detective James Pires.

Animal sightings are a subspecies of Wal-Mart weirdness. The most notorious was “Norman the Nutria,” a rodent that took residence inside a Wal-Mart in Abbeville, La., and spooked a female customer so badly that she says she ran over her foot with a shopping cart in 2008, breaking two bones. She sued in Louisiana state court, alleging workers had been chasing the animal for days and had given it a nickname.

“They should have been warning people,” says Anthony Fontana, the attorney for alleged victim Rebecca White, who says she’s racked up $58,000 in medical bills. “Those things get teeth as big as a beaver’s.”


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July 16th, 2011

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