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Marmite Banned in Denmark

Marmite, the British spread made from yeast extract with a taste that people will either love or hate (indeed, the company’s marketing slogan is “Love it or hate it“), is definitely not getting any love by the Danish government: it is banning the sticky spread.

The sales ban enforces a law restricting products fortified with added vitamins. Food giant Kellogg’s withdrew some brands of breakfast cereal from Denmark when the legislation passed in 2004, but until now Marmite had escaped the attention of Danish authorities.

“What am I supposed to put on my toast now?” asked British advertising executive Colin Smith, who has lived in the country for six years. “I still have a bit left in the cupboard, but it’s not going to last long.”


I say it’s about time! My taste buds still recoil from the horror of trying it once many years ago. What do you think?

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May 25th, 2011

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