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Man Tries to Sell Counterfeiting Machine at a Famous Pawn Shop

moneyAmerican Jewelry and Loan in the famous Detroit pawn shop where the reality TV show Hardcore Pawn is shot. According to its flamboyant owner Les Gold, people travel enormous distances to visit it and possibly appear on the hit show. One customer took even more extreme measures. He tried to sell his counterfeit money and the machine that he used to make it:

So Gold didn’t bat an eyelash when Smith showed up and wanted to sell him his counterfeit money and machine. He wanted to be on the show. Smith told Gold he would bring his counterfeiting equipment to the store. A short time later the Secret Service showed up at American Jewelry and Loan. They had been tracing Smith’s activities since he had been passing his fake bills.

Gold filled them in on what Smith had told him and the agents found out Smith’s counterfeiting claims had been captured on camera for the show. [...]

 As Gold says, “All because he wanted his five minutes of fame on TV.”

Smith actually signed a waiver to be on the TV show.

Link -via Lowering the Bar | Photo: Images of Money

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August 8th, 2012

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