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Man Rescued Baby from Dumpster, Found Out He’s Actually the Father!

Either this is the strangest coincidence ever, or there’s more to the story. In a nutshell (or dumpster bin):

1. Man was walking when someone told him that there’s a newborn crying in the dumpster.

2. Man rescued baby.

3. Man found out later that HE was the father of said baby (he didn’t know his girlfriend was pregnant)

Is this a made for Lifetime story? You betcha:

“A girl said, ‘I think I hear a baby in the Dumpster.’ With
no knowledge at the time that this is my kid whatsoever, I went running over there, stood beside the Dumpster, heard the baby cry,” he said.

“I jumped in and removed the stuff. I personally opened the bag and uncovered all the stuff off,” he said.

“My first sight of my baby was covered in garbage.”

Jason van Rassel and Stephane Massinon of the Calgary Herald has more: Link (Photo: Leah Hennel/Calgary Herald) – via XOXO Jes</

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October 24th, 2010

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