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Man Dropped Engagement Ring From Hot Air Balloon

James Ng wanted to surprise his girlfriend by proposing on a hot-air balloon ride when he got a surprise of his own: he dropped the ring 500 feet into the woods!

James Ng was set to propose to his fiancée on a hot-air balloon ride when the symbol of their love fell 500 feet into the woods.

Ng, 26, pastor of New Mercies Community Church, had hidden the 1-carat diamond ring in a box in his camera case. As they floated along on Oct. 29, the case slipped from his hands.

“I just watched it tumble, and it hit a tree and spun around, and the stuff fluttered out of it,” Ng recalls. “And I just put my head down on the side of the balloon, and I was just — I just couldn’t believe I’d just done that.

“My first thought was don’t tell her … and buy another ring — which it took me forever to afford the one I had,” Ng says. But Sonya Bostic, 27, caught on. “When he reacted the way he did, that’s when I knew,” she says. “Wait a second! My ring’s in there!”

But the story has a happy ending. Dick Russ and Rob Jennings of USA Today has the story: Link

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November 24th, 2009

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