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Man Cut Off Friend’s Hand in Insurance Scam

covered a lot of weird crimes here on Neatorama, but this is the stupidest
hands down:

A Midlands man is in jail accused of working with two other people
to defraud an insurance company by intentionally cutting a person’s
hand off with a pole saw and then filing an insurance claim.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Gerald B. Hardin, 34,
of Cayce, was arrested on charges that he and two other people committed
mail fraud in May 2008.

Prosecutors said, while living in Sumter, Hardin and another person
devised a plan to use a small chain saw attached to a pole to cut the
third person’s hand off.

The three participants, according to a six-count indictment, then
submitted claims against a homeowner’s insurance policy and three accidental
death and dismemberment policies and received over $671,000.

Can you imagine the conversation that got this whole thing started? "Dude,
you’ve got two hands – what do you need two hands for? One is
enough! Here’s my plan …"

– via News
of the Weird

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