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Man Carried to His Funeral in the Bucket of a Digger

Before Melvin Baker died at the age of 79, he asked that during his funeral, he be carried in the front bucket of a digger. He had driven one most of his life, and wanted to leave this world in one. So his former boss arranged for an operator to pick up the casket with a digger and carry Baker’s body from his home, to the funeral, and then to the crematorium:

Melvin had originally worked for Keith Bell’s father Jim. Keith remained a family friend and after chatting with his family was happy to make the wish come true.

He said: ”Melvin ended up driving the diggers for us and told me he wanted to make his final journey in one.

”When he first brought it up I thought he was joking but kept on going on and on about it.

”After he died, I dreaded bringing it up with his family, but Jean just said ‘we’ve got to do it for him, Keith, he went on about it all the time’.

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December 3rd, 2010

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