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Man Buys Old Safe for $122.93 on eBay, Finds $26,000 Inside

James Labrecque of California had an old safe, but no combination for it. He thought that it was empty, so he decided to sell it on eBay for scrap. A man in Bartlett, Tennessee bought it and took it to a welder. Inside the safe was $26,000 in cash:

“I feel like the stupidest idiot in the world,” said Labrecque. “I told my friend, I won the stupidest idiot in the world award the other day, you know. I gave away a safe with $26,000 in it.”

In a contentious e-mail chain Labrecque provided to Action News 5, he asked for a cut of the cash. The buyer declined, citing Labrecque’s seller policy that states, “What you see is what you get, no returns, and no money back.”

The buyer did, however, give Labrecque a positive review on eBay.

Link -via The Agitator | Image: WMCTV

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February 16th, 2012

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