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Man Builds Batmobile Replica for $1 Million

Photo: Simon Måssebäck

Simon Måssebäck of Sweden spent about $1 million building his own Batmobile. It’s built onto the chassis of a 1973 Lincoln Continental and has a 700 hp engine. Like the, uh, real Batmobile, it’s loaded with all sorts of gadgetry:

There’s sat-nav to help you find the scene of the crime (and other helpful POIs), a plasma TV for video calls to Albert (and for distraction during Stockholm traffic jams), voice recognition to keep your fighting hands free (and avoid nasty fines), height-adjustable suspension for navigating dramatic obstacles in your path (and speed bumps), a rear-view camera to watch your back (and help with tight parking squeezes), and machine guns for, er, shooting stuff. Worryingly, there is no word on whether said firearms are real…

Link via DVICE

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