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Luxury Retirement Abroad for Greek Donkeys

the Greek economy continues to tumble, there’s a glimmer of hope for "retirees"
who are offered a luxurious retirement abroad by a British royalty: great
food, great room with a view of the English Channel, all-expense-paid

The catch? You’d have to be an ass, (unfortunately) literally:

U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron has refused bailout help for
Greece. But that hasn’t stopped British citizens from organizing the
rescue of Greek donkeys abandoned by cash-strapped owners.

Last December, Christoforos and a companion, a white-nosed donkey
named Fotis, made a five-day journey to the south of England on a special
equine transport truck.

Today, they live on an 11,000-acre estate called Angmering Park,
owned by Anne Herries, the daughter of a late Duke of Norfolk.

The two donkeys wander green rolling fields during the day and
dine on fresh hay and ginger snaps. They enjoy frequent tooth and hoof
cleaning. At night, they sleep in a heated stable with a view of the
English Channel.

As Greek pensions shrink to help narrow government deficits, these
animals enjoy a luxurious retirement abroad. "They must think they’ve
landed in some sort of donkey heaven," said Gwen Ware, a British
citizen who helped raise funds for their emigration through her charity,
Saving Greek Animals.

(Photo: Sara Schaefer Muñoz/The Wall Street Journal)

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