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LOLPERA: Yes, an Opera About Lolcats

It was inevitable. You knew it was coming, and so it is here. Behold,
the LOLPERA: a lolcat pop opera
by Ellen Warkentine and Andrew Pedroza.

LA Weekly’s "Pick of the Week," LOLPERA, is a giddily
absurd opera with a score referencing everything from Gilbert and Sullivan
to 80’s power ballads, and a libretto assemblaged entirely from the
internet’s biggest inside joke: the multi-user-generated captions and
images of the LOLCAT meme. Set in dystopian Catcotopia 2084, LOLPERA
is the story of our epik quest for meaning in our modern world … told
entirely through stupid cat pictures."

The Daily What, of course, has the clip: Link 
Thanks Kirsten!

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July 18th, 2012

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