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Living Stem Cells Survive in Corpse 17 Days After Death

How long do stem cells in your body last after death? New research by
histologist and neuropathologist Fabrice Chrétien shows that stem
cells can last much longer without oxygen and nutrients than previously

Apparently the stem cells were able survive in the total absence
of oxygen. "These cells are so resistant to extreme and deleterious
conditions that they stay alive up to 17 days after death," Chrétien
said. [...]

These stem cells in both dead mice and human corpses were dormant
when discovered, with extraordinarily reduced metabolic activity, marking
the first time scientists have found that stem cells were capable of
such dormancy. The researchers suspect that chemicals given off after
death, or the low levels of oxygen or nutrients in corpses, or a combination
of all these factors, could have sent the stem cells into dormancy,
helping them survive for weeks.


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June 15th, 2012

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