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Light Left On For 77 Years Racked Up $17,000 Electricity Bill

is what happens when someone forgot to turn off the light:

A long-forgotten neon lamp that was switched on during the Great
Depression and left burning for about 77 years has been discovered hidden
behind a dusty partition at Clifton’s Cafeteria. The find was made amid
an extensive renovation of the downtown eatery, according to the building’s
owner, Andrew Meieran.

The neon fixture is believed to have been installed in 1935 when
Clifford Clinton purchased the lease to Boos Bros. Cafeteria on Broadway
and 7th Street and converted the place into a forest-themed restaurant.

In 1949, the nook was covered over with plastic and plywood when
part of the restroom was partitioned off as a storage area.

But for some reason, workmen never got around to disconnecting
the electricity. For the next 62 years the illuminated tubing was hidden
within the wall. Meieran estimates that the neon tube has racked up
more than $17,000 in electrical bills.

(Photo: Allen J. Schaben/LA Times) – via Now
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May 27th, 2012

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