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Lego Robot Makes Mickey Mouse Pancakes

When I was a kid I made spaceships and little robots that fell apart when I played with them out of my Lego sets. Now in an ever continuing trend of cool yet useful things people are making with Legos, designer “Mexican Viking” has made a Lego Robot that can make pancakes.

“Ninety-nine percent Lego, 1 percent ketchup bottle.” Pancake Bot is made entirely of Legos with the exception of the Pancake Batter Dispenser Unit that includes a pair of ketchup bottles glued together, an air compressor and, of course, the pancake batter. Pancake Bot is a 3 axis CNC with a moveable bridge driven by a Lego Mindstorms NXT brick. Another brick controls the air compressor. If the two-axis movements of the dispenser makes Pancake Bot seem like a kind of dripping Etch-a-Sketch, that’s because the program used is a variant of Etch-A-NXT. Part of Michael Gasperi’s Extreme NXT, Etch-A-NXT controls two motors to create Etch-A-Sketch-like bi-directional movements.


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July 11th, 2011

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