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LEGO Big Daddy


The character Big Daddy from the video game Bioshock was rendered in LEGO bricks by  Pate-keetongu. I love his explanation of the build.

There is a lot of SNOT in the torso. Okay, there is lot of it everywhere. But I’m happy with the shapes of the torso, the hunchback look and the suture between the head and the upper torso.
The arms were probably easiest parts to build, save the simple canisters on the back. Ball joint are just so much easier to play with than the clicky joints.

SNOT is a builder’s acronym meaning Studs Not On Top. But the picture that line brought up in your mind initially is much funnier! Read the rest at Cyclopic Bricks. Link -via Laughing Squid

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January 3rd, 2013

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