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Leader of Anti-Semitic Party in Hungary Found Out He’s Actually Jewish

the irony. The leader of a far-right anti-semitic political party in Hungary,
who was notorious for his incendiary comments against Jews, discovered
that he’s actually Jewish himself:

… Csanad Szegedi had in the past railed about the "Jewishness"
of the political class. According to the ADL, his party’s presidential
candidate referred to Israeli Jews as "lice-infested, dirty murderers."

For Szegedi all of this came to a screeching halt, when in 2010
a prisoner confronted him with evidence that he had Jewish roots. According
to the AP, Szegedi tried to bribe the prisoner to keep him quiet, but
rumors and innuendo reached a fever pitch by late last year and in June,
Szegedi conceded that his mother was a Jew. According to Jewish law,
that makes Szegedi Jewish, too.

Not only that, but Szegedi’s grandmother survived Auschwitz and
his grandfather survived labor camps.

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by the AP

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August 14th, 2012

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