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Lady Gaga’s Workshop

Photo: Alice Yoo/My Modern Met

Move over, Santa. Lady Gaga has opened her own workshop at Barneys New
York, filled with Gaga-esque stuff you can buy or simply marvel slackjawed
at the collection:

One entire floor in Barneys New York has been converted to hold
all of these Gaga-inspired products from a Gaga face cookie to fingerless
moto gloves with spikes and studding. There are even handmade press
on nails, designed and created by Naomi Yasuda, one of Lady Gaga’s nail
artists. If you’re all about shaking up tradition, you can pick up an
avant garde boot stocking modeled after Gaga’s iconic 10 inch platform
heel-less boots! Of course, if you just want something a little bit
tamer, you can snatch up one of Gaga’s favorite books, which includes
Matilda and James and the Giant Peach, wrapped in specially designed
book covers.

"It’s a ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ moment,"
Gaga said. "We wanted it all to be whimsical and fun, with a sense
of art and fashion."

My Modern Met has the photos: Link
| Gaga’s Workshop

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December 8th, 2011

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