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Kitten Rescued from Inside Wall

Heather Dopp of Miami Beach knew a mother cat had kittens on the roof, but when she began hearing meows a bit closer, she called a friend to help find him.

Heather thought the meows were coming from the roof top, but soon after discovered the cries were closer than she thought. “I’ve heard the mother up on the roof, so I knew she had kittens up there,” she said. “So I’m almost one hundred percent positive that what happened was she was maybe digging in the corner to create a little nest and fell down through the ceiling.”

As it turns out, the tiny kitten was actually inside the wall. On Thursday, Heather’s friend Joseph Paz cut a hole in the sheet rock and pulled the little cat out to safety.

The kitten, fittingly named “Wally”, was taken to Miami Beach Animal Hospital to be checked out. “We’re concerned with how old the kitty is and that he can survive on his on and that he is a he,” said Heather.

After his check up, Wally received a clean bill of health by Dr. John Barr of Miami Beach Animal Hospital. “He actually looks pretty good, he looks like a very lucky kitty cat. He’s got some good lungs on him, you can hear that,” said Dr. Barr. “So fifteen ounces, so almost a pound, so that means he’s probably just about four weeks old.”

The kitten is now up for adoption. Link -via Arbroath

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April 22nd, 2012

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