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Kid Brings Home 6-Foot Gator

Kids bring home the craziest things. They bring home bugs, rocks, leaves, and sometimes animals. Michael Dasher, however, brought home something a little more interesting than your average little snake. This fearless 10-year-old brought home a nearly 6-foot alligator.

Michael said the alligator ran at him, so he started hitting it with sticks. He said at one point he jumped on the back of the beast.Michael was somehow able to capture the animal, which wildlife officials measured at 5 feet 9 inches long, and drag it home without getting seriously injured. He did have a few minor scratches on his hands and arms.

The Sheriff’s department and wildlife officials gave Michael a stern talking to and increased the little boys vocabulary in the process. Michael was let off with a warning, but he now understands what it means to commit a felony.


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May 26th, 2011

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