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Ketchup Counterfeiting Scheme

Photo: Dover Code Enforcement Department

When officials busted into an abandoned warehouse in Dover, New Jersey,
they discovered an unusual counterfeiting operation. No, not luxury goods
or other things you’d normally think about when you think of things being
knocked off – the police stumbled upon a strange tomato ketchup counterfeiting

It looks like a grisly murder scene. Red splotches pooling on a warehouse
floor. A rotten smell. Insects swarming. Crates knocked to the ground.

But no one died here.

This wasn’t carnage. This was condiment.

Inside a privately owned Dover warehouse are the remnants of an abandoned
Heinz Tomato Ketchup counterfeiting scheme.

The ketchup appears to be real but the labels on the plastic bottles
are a fraud, according to a Heinz spokesman.

Dan Goldberg of The Star-Ledger has the story: Link

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October 20th, 2012

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