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Jason Shiga: How to Make Your Own Interactive Comics

I’ve been bugging cartoonist extraordinaire Jason Shiga to put his recently released book Meanwhile, a tour de force “choose-your-own-adventure”-type comic book into a format that’s more web-friendly.

Meanwhile starts with a simple choice: Vanilla or Chocolate ice cream? Either choice (which you, as a reader, make) will lead the protagonist Jimmy into an adventure involving a mind reader, a time machine, and even a “Killitron,” a device that wipes all life on earth (aside from the user). Confused? Laughing Squid has the interview with Jason that explains it all (with a very cool photo of Jason in front of the panel of possibilities that will blow your mind).

The series of choices Jimmy … er, you have to make in the book leads to 3,856 story possibilities – so this is definitely a book that you’ll “read” more than just a few times. Some possibilities are so maddeningly hard to get to – and unless you cheat and peek – it’ll mean hours upon hours of fun :)

I’m sure that Jason will work something very cool web version out for the book. Meanwhile (see what I did there?), check this out: Jason’s YouTube tutorial on how to make your own interactive comic.

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October 4th, 2010

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