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Is Mexico An Inherently Racist Society?

In 1940, psychologists Kenneth and Mamie Clark performed the groundbreaking
" study on children’s attitudes on race using white
and black dolls (the study was repeated in 2005 and documented by Kiri
in the film A
Girl Like Me
). The study showed how minorities view themselves in
respect to racial stereotypes.

Recently, the Mexican government released a YouTube video on racism in
Mexico – which brought a lot of comments on this thorny question: is Mexico
an inherently racist society?

The kids are seated at a table before a white doll and a black
doll, and are asked to pick the "good doll" or the doll that
most resembled them. The children, mostly brown-skinned, almost uniformly
say the white doll was better or most resembled them.

One child in the video with mixed-race features says the white
doll resembled him "in the ears."

"Which doll is the good doll?" a woman’s voice asks the

"I am not afraid of whites," he responds, pointing to
the white doll. "I have more trust."

Mexico’s National Council to Prevent Discrimination, or Conapred,
in mid-December began circulating the video, modeled on the 1940s Clark
experiments in the United States. The children who appear in it are
mostly mestizos, or half-Spanish, half-Indian, and a message said they
were taped with the consent of their parents and told to respond as
freely as they could.

Daniel Hernandez of The Los Angeles Times reports: Link

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January 1st, 2012

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