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Internet Pranksters Campaign to Send the Rapper Pitbull to Alaska

Someone at Walmart had the brilliant idea of trying to popularize the
company’s social media site by holding a contest: whichever Walmart store
has the most likes will get a visit from rapper Pitbull.

The thing is, they didn’t count on the Interweb weighing in:

Walmart’s Facebook campaign for Energy Sheets, a caffeinated equivalent
to Listerine strips, promises to send rapper Pitbull to the Walmart
store with the most likes on Facebook. But what happens if the Walmart
store with the most likes is on a tiny Alaskan island, accessible only
by plane or ferry?

The campaign to send American rapper Pitbull to the Alaskan island
Kodiak was hatched by David Thorpe and Jon Hendren, two writers of the
comedic Internet culture website Something Awful, on June 29.

The campaign to send Pitbull to Kodiak, Alaska, needless to say, is winning:

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July 7th, 2012

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