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Inspirational Ninja Warrior Audition Video

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Ninja Warrior is an athletic competition/TV show from Japan that features an insanely hard obstacle course and some of the planet’s toughest, and some not so tough, wannabe ninjas. The show has garnered a huge American audience thanks to G4 airing subtitled re-runs from years past, and the show has become so popular here that an American version of Ninja Warrior was started in 2009.

Contestants must send in audition tapes, like the one featured above, in order to be chosen for the show, and the skills these wannabe ninjas display are most impressive.

This particular tryout video, made by Yen from Los Angeles, is more impressive than other tryout tapes I’ve seen because the guy is talented beyond being in peak physically shape, and he already seems like a good fit for American Ninja Warrior, both in attitude and performance.

Note to self: get your butt back in the gym right away, because lifting the remote with one hand and a beer with the other doesn’t count as exercise.  (NSFW due to language)

–via Super Punch

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February 17th, 2012

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