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Inflatable Earbuds

When using earbuds, the quality of sound transmission is impaired by the loose fit of the bud inside the ear canal. This new invention by Stephen Ambrose offers a solution:

The ADEL currently comes in two flavors — a “balloon” completely surrounding a driver unit, with the membrane replacing the entire structure of a traditional earphone, both the plastic, metal, or wooden housing and eartip; and a retrofit to existing eartips, in which small vent holes are drilled into the collar that fits around an in-ear phone’s driver unit, then covered with small sections of membrane.

The diaphonic pump is a subminiature unit that can be mounted in line or on the tiny drivers used in earphones; in the balloon units it turns the otherwise wasted energy left over by the moving driver into inflation pressure to keep the membranes seated in the ear canals.

Link via Popular Science | Photo: Dan Bracaglia

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May 16th, 2011

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