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Indrani and Her Palace

Model and photographer Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri leads a charmed life of luxury, fame, and jet-setting. Yet she turned her 300-room ancestral mansion in India into a school for poor children, with special emphasis on boosting the potential of girls.

Attacking this problem has been a lifelong pursuit, Indrani says. To that end, she recently shot a short film called The Girl Epidemic, depicting a futuristic world in which girls are treated like an infectious disease. Shot in the slums of Mumbai, the film is the brainchild of New York ad agency Strawberry Frog, which produced the film for a nonprofit group, Project Nanhi Kali, that works to raise awareness for the plight of Indian girls. “We created a metaphor,” Indrani says of the film, which shows men in white masks, swooping up girls and whisking them away from their homes. “The real situation is much more diabolical.”

Indrani used the money she earned as a teenage model to open the school. Her father returned to India to run the facility full-time. Read more about Inrani and her work at The Daily Beast. Link

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July 11th, 2012

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