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In-Flight Conversation Between the Two Crying Babies That Sat Behind You

home for the holidays? Did you, perchance, sit near two bawling, crying
babies? Well, comedian Simon Rich did. And he recorded the in-flight "conversation"
between the infants for all of your (quiet) reading enjoyment:

-Wow, that was some nap.

-Tell me about it. It’s almost like I was drugged or something.
Hey … what is this place?

-I’ll look out the window. … Oh my God. I think we have a situation.

-What is it? Are we at the doctor’s office?

-No. We’re in the sky.


-We’re just, like, flying through the sky.

-Do Mom and Dad know?

-Clearly not. They’re just reading like everything’s normal. (Looking
around) Everybody’s reading.

-How do we warn them?

-With screams.

-Which kind? Soft and whiny or piercing and crazy?

-Let’s go with piercing and crazy.


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December 23rd, 2011

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