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I Fell in Love at the Apple Store

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“Apple Store Love Song” is a song by Fatty Spins about meeting a girl/Apple product at a brand store. Although one might think that it was green-screened, it was actually shot at the Apple Store in New York City:

This is an original Fatty Spins song, and yes I actually went to the Apple Store on 5th Ave in NYC and filmed it on one of their demo laptops. If you’re wondering why the other people in the store hardly turned around, then you’ve obviously never been to New York. And yes, there does appear to be a homeless giant standing behind me. LOL.

Adam Frucci of Gizmodo notes that another vlogger used the same demonstration products to shoot a music video without spending any money. Perhaps this is an emerging trend.

Musician’s Website (NSFWish content) via Gizmodo

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September 28th, 2009

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