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Hunky Santa

The Beverly Center mall in Los Angeles has a different kind of Santa Claus. For nine years now, Santa is a hunky young man who performs with the Candy Cane Girls in a 15-minute show in the center of the mall on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Twenty-nine-year-old James Ellis is this year’s Hunk Santa. The show is quite popular with shoppers.

This year, though, Hunky’s story took a turn for the serious when one of his fellow mall performers — a 26-year-old female aerialist — plunged three stories in front of hundreds of horrified spectators and landed on a video projection cube on the mall’s first floor. Hunky Santa was the first person to rush to her aid.

The aerialist injured her wrist and pelvis, but is expected to recover completely. Link -via a comment at Metafilter

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December 5th, 2009

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