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How Old is Old? When You Stop Shopping

old is old? According to a study by Michelle Barnhart of Oregon State
University, whether someone is "old" depends not on age, but
on ability to do things, like shopping, for example:

New research finds that for most Americans, old age is not heralded
in by a particular birthday, but rather by how a person acts.

In particular, people who still shop for themselves or take care of
their own household chores are less likely to be perceived as old, new
research shows. [...]

"When people in their 80s or 90s exhibited characteristics that
society tends to associate with people who are not old, such as being
aware, active, safe or independent, they were viewed and treated as
not old," Barnhart said. "In this way, they were able to age
without getting old."

LiveScience has the article: Link

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November 14th, 2012

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