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How Not To Perform CPR

I’m sure you’ve all been taught the proper way to perform CPR by now, but where’s the fun in that? Sure, you might end up saving a life, but then what-a certificate of commendation, a handshake, a smile? LAME.

This chart shows you how not to perform CPR, and I think this should become the new approach to assisting those whose life is quickly fading away. I mean, look at number 6-Picture Life Together, are you really going to get a life partner, imaginary or not, out of regular boring old CPR?

And if the person dies while in your care, you’re left with free Capri-Sun, instead of some pain in the neck lawsuit, so either way it’s a win-win situation. Being inept can have it’s perks…


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February 18th, 2012

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