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How Las Vegas Almost Built a 1:1 Scale Model of the Enterprise

According to Danny of the Goddard Group, an entertainment design firm, Las Vegas almost built the greatest architectural marvel in human history. It was 1992, and the Star Trek franchise was thriving. Downtown Las Vegas had lost a lot of business to the Strip. Developers wanted a way to tourists back, and they had plenty of space in which to do it.

They wanted high class, high rolling customers that would bring a touch of style and panache to downtown. In other words, Trekkies. So Danny proposed building a (non-functional) replica of the Enterprise. Inside the nearly three hundred meter length model would be sets from the ship and shows for visitors.

The developers and the mayor were on board with the idea. Alas, some executives at Paramount balked, and the deal fell through.

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April 8th, 2012

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