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House-in-a-House Concept for New Homes

in time for the boomerang kids and aging parents, homebuilder Lennar is
unveiling a new concept for Baby Boomers looking to buy a new house: a

Alejandro Lazo of the Los Angeles Times explains:

Like a Russian nesting doll with a smaller doll inside, the new
residential design incorporates a smaller home with a separate front
entrance, kitchenette, bathroom and bedroom.

Lennar designers and researchers and an independent architect developed
the floor plans this year to respond to the doubling-up trend that has
affected more than 1 in 5 U.S. households. Executives with the Miami-based
home building titan hope the atypical designs will appeal to families
moving in together and pooling financial resources; the idea is to draw
them back into the beleaguered market for newly constructed homes, which
is on course for its worst annual performance on record.

It’s like a duplex as a new house! Would you buy a new house designed
specifically so the kids will come back to live with you?

(Photo: Robert Gauthier/LA Times)

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November 6th, 2011

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