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Hot Weather Causes Road to Buckle, Launches Car Into Air

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How hot is it across most of the United States the past few days? Hot
enough to buckle the road and send a car flying through the air!

The pavement buckled because of the heat Sunday, creating a ramp
that led to an incredible scene which was caught on camera. It happened
on Highway 29 near County T in Chippewa County.

"From the overpass we could see the big divots, but we’d stopped
to take a picture of it because we’d seen a bunch of cars going over
slowly, and scraping the underside of their cars. They were kind of
lining up, checking the damage," said Theresa Reich from Eau Claire.
Reich and her brother-in-law had stopped on that overpass to take a
picture of Highway 29. What Theresa didn’t realize was that as she tried
to take a still picture of the pavement, the camera in her phone was
already rolling… and it captured video of an SUV that went up the
ramp, crossed the other lane of traffic, narrowly missed another vehicle…
before coming to rest off the road.

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July 3rd, 2012

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