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Holgate Windmill: A New Spin On an Old Industry

Holgate Windmill in York, England was a working grain mill for over a hundred years before it was shut down 70 years ago. It was never torn down because of its historic charm, and a neighborhood grew up around it. Now, thanks to The Holgate Windmill Preservation Society, it will begin to mill grain once again.

By 2008 the Society had secured £250,000 in grants, prizes and donations – and in winning the People’s Millions award in November 2010, they finally have the money to rebuild the sails.

After decades of neglect, this mill will mill. Using locally produced grain, the Society will provide bakers with specialty flours milled in the traditional way, allowing them to make specialty breads with a 250-year-old heritage. Any profits will be reinvested in the mill so it pays for its upkeep by doing what it does best.

Read all about the project at ecosalon. Link -Thanks, Sara!

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May 27th, 2011

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