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Halloween Bearding Done Right – Male Edition

A beard is often used with Halloween costumes as a whimsical accessory, or to help complete the character costume you’ve decided to sport.

But if you’re going to use a beard with your costume make sure you’re doing it right, or else you may end up looking like some weirdo who glued a wad of hair to his face!

Photo: luf sugarskull/Flickr

Check out the guy in pic 1- he’s grown a natural beard out to compliment his bearded lady costume. Not a bad move, but you may be growing that sucker out for months and it will itch like mad!

Photo: Kim Scarborough/Flickr

Pic 2 has the same costume idea going on, but he’s using a fake beard which is easy to remove when you get hot under the collar. As long as it stays on all night you’ve completed your costume and you can stay clean shaven. Yay facial comfort!

Photo: zoomar/Flickr

The guy in pic 3 has created a crazy custom monkey beard, which is almost a costume in itself and is sure to make you a hit at any Halloween function. Oh monkey beard, you complete me…

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September 17th, 2012

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