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Goose and Bull Love Each Other

A goose and a bull near Grisborne, New Zealand, have been attached to each other for ten years:

The friendship between a Highland cattle beast and a goose was forged in January 2001 in the paddocks of Knapdale Eco Lodge off Back Ormond Road, after the two bonded following the death of one of their mates.

The goose has since become an unlikely member of the Highland cattle herd and is completely devoted to Hamish, born two weeks after the goose lost her mate.

The unlikely pair have been inseparable since.

The goose is a jealous lover and tries to drive off any other animal that approaches the bull. The owner notes that the relationship is somewhat one sided — the goose is more fond of the bull than the other way around.

Link | Photo: Rebecca Grunwell/Gisborne Herald

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January 24th, 2011

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