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Goat Man Mystery Solved

this month, photographer Coty Creighton spotted something strange in a
Utah mountain: a man dressed in goat suit trailing behind a herd of goats
on his hands and knees.

The "goat man" became an Internet sensation: who was the mysterious
man, and what was he doing dressed up as a goat?

Now, the mystery has been solved:

The individual, who has been dubbed “Goat Man” by the
media and has drawn comparisons to the legendary Big Foot creature,
is apparently a 57-year-old hunter from Southern California, Phil Douglass,
conservation outreach manager for the Division of Wildlife Resources,
told the Standard-Examiner on Monday. [...]

The man said the goat costume was made out of a hooded painter’s
suit, the kind that is readily available for purchase in home repair
stores. He outfitted the suit with Polarfleece to give it the appearance
of fur and wore a hat backward, pulling the brim down to his chin to
look like a billy goat’s beard, Douglass said.

The man mentioned that there are small groups of hunters who also
wear goat suits to get close to herds.

Scott Schwebke of Standard-Examiner has the story: Link
(Photo: Coty Creighton)

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July 24th, 2012

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